Journal of Korean Endocrine Society 1995;10(4):333-346.
Published online November 7, 2019.
Thyroid Stimulating Antibody Assay with Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells Expressing Human Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Receptor; Optimization of Assay Condition.
Bo Youn Cho, Hong Kyu Lee, Young Kee Shong, Chang Soon Koh, Ka Hee Yi, Yeon Sahng Oh, Won Bae Kim
We investigated the optimal condition of thyroid stimulating antibody(TSAb) assay using Chinese hamster ovary cells transfected with cDNA of human TSH receptor(TSHr-CHO) stably expressing functional TSH receptors. The extracellular cAMP responses of TSHr-CHO cells to the stimulation of bTSH or Graves' IgG were observed in three different incubation media. Stimulation indices of extracellular cAMP were higher when sucrose containing NaCl-free isotonic Hank's balanced salt solution(HBSS)(media A)was used as incubation media than those of NaCl-free hypotonic HBSS(media B) or those of NaCl containing isotonic HBSS(media C). The incubation of TSHr-CHO cells in media B caused marked increase in the basal cAMP level without concomittant fold-increase in the stimulated cAMP level at various doses of bTSH and Graves' IgG. Decreasing the stimulation indices of extracellular cAMP, use of media B failed to detect TSAb activities in two TSAb-positive Graves' IgG tested. In case of media C, extracellular cAMP responses are poor at 0.001 and 0.1U/L of bTSH and at all doses of Graves' IgG tested(0.5, 1, 5g/L). The incubation of TSHr-CHO cells in media B caused significant increase in the number of trypan blue-stained, nonviable cells(5.7+-1.5, 7.6+-1.9 and 8.5+-1.6% at 1, 2 and 3h of incubation, respectively; p<0.01) comparing to those incubated in media A or media C(about 2-3% in both media). Those decrease in the viability of TSHr-CHO cells when incubated in hypotonic incubation media may explain the decrease in the stimulation index of extracellular cAMP with the use of media B in contrast to the case of FRTL-5 cells. TSAb assay of 87 consecutive fresh Graves' patients with TSHr-CHO cells using media A detected TSAb activities in 90%(78 patients) of them, and moreover TSAb activities showed significant positive correlation with the pre-treatment serum T_3 and free T_4 levels of those patients. We conclude that TSAb assay with TSHr-CHO cells is a sensitive and physiologically relevant assay system to measure TSAb activities merely through measurements of extracellular cAMP provided that the cells are incubated in NaCl-free isotonic incubation media.
Key Words: Thyroid stimulating antibody, Chinese hamster ovary cells, Bioassay, Incubation media

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