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Jae Hwan Jee  (Jee JH) 2 Articles
Efficacy of Octreotide LAR in Acromegalic Patients.
Ji Youn Kim, Jae Hwan Jee, Chan Ho Yoon, Yun Jae Chung, Byung Wan Lee, Gun Yong Cho, Sang Young Kim, Jae Hoon Chung, Yong Ki Min, Myung Shik Lee, Moon Kyu Lee, Kwang Won Kim
J Korean Endocr Soc. 2005;20(4):344-352.   Published online August 1, 2005
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Octreotide(OC)-LAR is a long-acting preparation of octreotide which has been effectively used to suppress GH/IGF-1 hypersecretion in acromegalic patients. The clinical response, biochemical outcomes, and safety of OC-LAR were evaluated in 27 active acromegalic patients. METHOD: 27patients with an active disease status (according to the clinical picture, GH >5microgram/L and elevated age-matched IGF-1), and previously treated with bromocriptine after surgery, comprised the study population. OC-LAR was given(20mg, i.m., every 4 week for 3 injections, then the doses were titrated individually) and the acromegalic symptoms and adverse reactions recorded. The serum levels of GH and IGF-1 were evaluated every 12 week. The acromegalic symptoms including headache, fatigue and arthralgia, improved in all patients. RESULTS: Gastrointestinal side effects were transient and mild. The levels of GH significantly decreased, from 8.9+/-3.5 to 2.9+/-2.2 microgram/L at 12 weeks(P<0.001, vs. baseline), to 2.9+/-2.1microgram/L after 24 weeks(P<0.001) and to 2.5 +/-1.3microgram/L at 48 weeks(P<0.001). The levels of IGF-1 significantly decreased, from 753.7+/-213.6 to 429.7+/-253.4 microgram/L at 12 weeks(P<0.001, vs. at baseline), to 405.7+/-213.3microgram/L at 24 weeks(P <0.001) and to 348.9+/-144.7microgram/L at 48 weeks(P<0.001). The safelevel of GH is less than 2.5microgram/L and normal age-matched IGF-1 levels were achieved in 63 and 52% of the patients, respectively. CONCLUSION: Octreotide-LAR was well tolerated and effective as an adjuvant treatment in lowering the levels of GH and IGF-1 in active acromegalic patients.


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The Effect of Low Dose and High Dose ACTH in the Evaluation of Adrenal Function.
Hyung Joon Yoo, Sung Hee Ihm, Sung Woo Park, Jae Hwan Jee, Hyun Kyu Kim, Doo Man Kim, Jae Myoung Yoo, Moon Ki Choi
J Korean Endocr Soc. 1998;13(4):580-589.   Published online January 1, 2001
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Pharmacological ACTH test provide information only about the ability of the adrenal gland to respond to unusual stimuli and may not reflect the daily cortisol secretion. There were some controversies in the diagnosis of mild adrenal insufficiency by using a pharmacological dose of ACTH. The purpose of the present study was to assess and compare the effect of low dose 1 pg ACTH and high dose 249 pg ACTH in the evaluation of adrenal function. The intravenous injection of a pharmacological dose(250 pg) of ACTH has been used as a standard test in the initial assessment of adrenal function. So we low dose ACTH to evaluate the adrenal function and compare the result of high dose ACTH. METHOD: Basal serum cortisol sampling was done at 2:00 p.m.. And after 1 pg ACTH iv bolus injection, cortisol sampling was done at 20, 30, 45 and 60 min respectively. On the next day same procedure was repeated at same time, but 249 mg ACTH was given instead of the low dose. Normal adrenal function was diagnosed with the criteria of stimulated serum cortisol concentration over 20 mg/dL. Total 65 patients took part in this study. Three hypopituitarism patients and one Addisons disease were included. Sixty-one patients had the history of glucocorticoid ingestion or had physical findings of cushingoid features with symptoms suggest the adrenal insufficiency. RESULTS: Sixteen patients showed normal response to both low dose and high dose ACTH. Thirty-six patients were not stimulated to both low dose and high dose ACTH. The remaining thirteen patients revealed normal response to high dose ACTH, but not to low dose ACTH. CONCLUSION: It appears that low dose ACTH stimulation test is more sensitive and specific than high dose ACTH and is capable of revealing mild adrenal insufficiency.
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