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Elham Eslampour  (Eslampour E) 1 Article
Clinical Study
Association between Circulating Irisin and C-Reactive Protein Levels: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Elham Eslampour, Farzad Ebrahimzadeh, Amir Abbasnezhad, Mohammad Zeinali Khosroshahi, Razieh Choghakhori, Omid Asbaghi
Endocrinol Metab. 2019;34(2):140-149.   Published online June 24, 2019
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Although previous studies have demonstrated that irisin plays an anti-inflammatory role in the body, conflicting results have been reported regarding the correlation between serum levels of irisin and C-reactive protein (CRP). The present meta-analysis was conducted to further investigate the correlation between irisin and CRP levels.


We systematically searched PubMed, the Cochrane Library, Web of Science, Embase, SCOPUS, and Ovid to retrieve studies assessing the correlation between irisin and CRP levels. Meta-analyses were performed using a random-effects model, and the I2 index was used to evaluate heterogeneity.


Of the 428 studies that were initially found, 14 studies with 2,530 participants met the inclusion criteria for the meta-analysis. The pooled effect size was calculated as 0.052 (95% confidence interval, −0.047 to 0.152; P=0.302). Subgroup analyses identified s ignificant, positive, but weak correlations between CRP and irisin levels in cohort studies, studies conducted among healthy participants, studies in which the male-to-female ratio was less than 1, in overweight or obese subjects, and in studies with a sample size of at least 100 participants.


The present meta-analysis found no overall significant correlation between irisin and CRP levels, although a significant positive correlation was found in overweight or obese subjects. Well-designed studies are needed to verify the results of the present meta-analysis.


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